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Ready, Set, Go! The Roub’s are off to Florida!

July 27, 2018
The Roub Report

Amidst the clutter of boxes and the messiness of packing, Jenny and I keep experiencing a mixture disbelief and determination, because in 5 days (as of writing this) we will be leaving for Orlando, FL to work for 10 months at the Cru World Headquarters.

The to do list continues to get shorter and shorter, as does our window to prepare to leave. There is certainly an excitement to be found in the opportunity to experience a new adventure, as well as, the experiences gained from a dedicated season of listening to the Lord, and taking time to grow personally and professionally.

Yet, at the same time, we’ve experienced fear, sadness, anxiousness, and emotional heaviness connected to leaving all that we’ve known for the last 7 years. The emotions seem to come in waves. There are days we are all in, and ready to go. While other days the thought of enduring all the significant changes our family will experience feels daunting.

I am excited to announce that for my new job, I will be joining the National Campus Development team during our Stint in Orlando. My job title will be Coordinator of Campus Development and I will be working with 5 other staff in the office, and will be part a national team of 30+ people. After talking with my supervisor last month it seems like this role is something I will enjoy doing, due to my previous experience as a team leader, and because of the direct work I will get to have with staff on the field. I have included a brief description of my role from my new team leader, this way you can better understand what I will be doing in Orlando.

“I’m so very excited to have you join the Campus National Development Services Team for the next year.  Our role is to come alongside and support our missionaries on the field and provide them the resources — people, money, products — that make their ministry more effective and productive.  We value our local leaders and we want to equip them in any way possible to reach more faculty and students (high school and college).  Your role specifically will be to coach local leaders in ways to develop the necessary resources locally through various events and programs, but also to come alongside our national leaders so that they can develop relationships with those in the community who can help provide resources to those leaders.  Essentially, you will be a coach and guide, but also a resource to national and local teams.  Your role is just as great as those on the front lines because you come alongside and make their ministry more effective.  We are excited to have you serve in this role with us for such a time as this.”
– Jim Dempsey, Assoc. Director of Campus Development –

What encourages me most about this role is that I know the challenges that come with gathering resources to reach campuses, and to help your staff be more effective on the field. As many of you know one of my roles in my previous job was raising an operating budget (via the Legacy Dinner), onboarding and training volunteers, and building partners to help us reach our mission field. Though highly rewarding, this part of the job can be extremely intimidating and challenging for a new team leader. It requires operational support, time, and relational connections in the community. Being a spokesperson for Cru movement in Mid-MN was one of my greatest highlights, but one that had high learning curve as well. As I understand it, it will be my job to help coach and support, new team leaders looking to grow in this part of their role.

Jenny and I are expected to report for our assignment by August 13th, and my first day in the role should begin after a week of orientation. As of right now our plan is to leave St. Cloud on August 1st, and arrive in Orlando on the 4th. We will have week to unpack, settle in, and take care of all the logistics of relocating. Our emails and phone #’s will stay the same, but our address in Florida will be:

Adam and Jenny Roub
2230 Saw Palmetto Ln. #110
Orlando, FL 38282

We have enjoyed reconnecting with many of you this summer either in person or on the phone. Our ministry trips of visiting 4 churches, and hosting 4 open houses was very productive, yet I think I can speak for the whole family in saying I am going to be glad to finally put the suitcases away for a while once we arrive in Florida.

The ministry responsibilities we’ve held in St. Cloud have now been passed out to my team, and I think all the loose ends have been wrapped up…I hope. Jenny was able to choose a home school curriculum for our 3 kids to use next year, and has started preparing for this next journey in her life. As a family, we were able to take some vacation this summer, and last week I had the opportunity to speak and preach the gospel at Camp Lebanon (the place Jenny and I met) to over 200 3rd-6th grade boys and girls. It was an awesome time for our whole family.

Thank you again so much for your consistent support and partnership with us, amidst all these changes. It means so much to us to have you on our team, and in our corner.  Thank you for your willingness to continue to pray for us, and to financially support us as we still seek to help fulfill the Great Commission by: Turning Lost Students into Christ-Centered Laborers. Jenny and I hope that you have felt valued and appreciated by us recently as we continue to work together to change lives for eternity; we couldn’t do this with out you.

As you think about us, and our needs this upcoming month, would you please pray for our specific requests listed below, as they weigh heavy on our hearts at times.

In addition to prayer, we also wanted to let you know that we are trusting the Lord to provide $2650 in additional financial support this summer to help us offset the moving expenses we will incur this next month, (mileage, trailer rental, hotel costs, food, and relocation purchases) as we move to our new home and assignment in Florida. Would you prayerfully consider giving a special gift of $500, $300, $100, $50, $25 or some other amount to help support this special need? We would love to start our Stint year unhindered by the financial pressures associated with moving?

If you choose to give, the best way to do so at this time is to give on line at:

Normally, we would encourage you to write a check and send it to us with prayer updates for you and your family, but with moving soon we would hate to have our your gifts lost in the mail. We would still love to know how to pray for you. If you reply to this email Jenny and I would love to seek the Lord with you on your behalf.

Thank you again for being with us on mission. Jenny and I are excited to update you next month from Florida.

In Christ,
Adam and Jenny Roub

Prayer Requests:

  • For the final days of packing that we would be loving, kind and patient with each other. That no significant surprises or roadblocks would come up, and that we would walk in the power of the Holy Spirit.
  • For the final preparations as we have our renters move in. The final house projects would get done, and our year of renting would be uneventful, & a blessing to the girls and our neighbors. For safety for our home and belongings we leave behind.
  • For our hearts as we say “See ya later” to our friends and family. The ability to trust the Lord with all this change.
  • Safe travels, and that the van would be able to handle the extra weight of driving with all our stuff.
  • For good friendships for us and the kids in Orlando. That we could bond quickly with the other staff and leaders serving the Lake Hart Stint.
  • A season of great growth for us in our personal lives, our marriage, our ministry, and our parenting.
  • A seamless transition to our new roles. Adam in the Campus Development role, and Jenny as a home school mom. Also that God would give us continued opportunities to share Christ.
  • Pray for Mid MN Cru staff and students, that they would have a banner year, of great fruit and transformed lives
  • Praises to the Lord:
    We are so grateful for the summer we’ve had, and for the chance to wrap things up well. We are thankful for all the support and encouragement we’ve had along the way, and that God has directed our path.

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