Message: A New Creation

Message: It’s about Christ

Article: Weathermen?  What do they know!

Article: Weathermen? What do they know!

Can you see anything? Where is the shoulder? Is that the ditch? What’s that scraping sound? Where are the plows? The wind shield wipers are icing up again! We will have to pull over, again. There we were, driving last year heading home from St Cloud in the middle of the snow storm. We had […]

Message: This is my story

Message: Zechariah with Rev. Rudy King

Message: God is doing a new thing

Message: Make Disciples

Something to wonder about ! As I was looking over old newsletter articles for the devotional/historical book I’m working on, I ran across an article that peaked my interest. It was a article from 2003 concerning the direction of our church. It reminded me of the prayer process that we began in those days as […]

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