Sermon July 6, 2014

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Sermon June 1, 2014

Faith That Works

Faith That Works

I love it when things work the way they are suppose to. It’s truly no fun when the opposite happens. It’s even more frustrating when it becomes common place. I grew up with a father that taught us to tinker. If something didn’t work right you didn’t call the expert, you wanted to become the […]

Sermon May 25, 2014

sermon 5-25-2014

Sermon May 11, 2014

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Sermon May 4, 2014

Sermon 5-4-2014

The Victory Dance

The Victory Dance

Most of us have witnessed Jared Allen’s infamous victory dance. In it he mimics a cowboy roping a steer just after he sacks yet another fearful quarterback. It has become an expected antic each and every week of the Viking season. I will miss it. (Mr. Allen is now with the Chicago Bears) Victory dances […]

Sermon April 27, 2104

sermon 4-27-2014