Faith That Works

Faith That Works

I love it when things work the way they are suppose to. It’s truly no fun when the opposite happens. It’s even more frustrating when it becomes common place. I grew up with a father that taught us to tinker. If something didn’t work right you didn’t call the expert, you wanted to become the […]

Sermon May 25, 2014

sermon 5-25-2014

Sermon May 11, 2014

sermon 5-11-2014

Sermon May 4, 2014

Sermon 5-4-2014

The Victory Dance

The Victory Dance

Most of us have witnessed Jared Allen’s infamous victory dance. In it he mimics a cowboy roping a steer just after he sacks yet another fearful quarterback. It has become an expected antic each and every week of the Viking season. I will miss it. (Mr. Allen is now with the Chicago Bears) Victory dances […]

Sermon April 27, 2104

sermon 4-27-2014

Easter Sunday, April 20th

sermon 4-20-2014 (Easter)

Sermon April 13, 2014

sermons 4-13-2014

Sermon April 6, 2014

sermons 4-6-2014

The Hope For All Time!

The Hope For All Time!

The disciples could not believe their ears.  The story the women ran and told them was impossible.  It was utter nonsense. Their teacher, their Lord, their friend had been crucified.  His body had been placed in Joseph’s tomb.  He couldn’t be alive.  This was just one more confusing event after a whole week of chaos.  […]