Community Cruisers







Community Cruisers

2016 was another fun year for the Community Cruisers.  We tend to meet most often in the winter when we are unable to drive any of our cars or motorcycles and reminisce past events and anticipate next year’s activities.  When the weather is nice we want to ride and cruise.  This is the fifth year of the Cruisers performing the highway cleanup on the State Highway #238 section through Upsala; this requires walking the ditches on the two-mile section twice/year.

2016 was the Community Cruiser’s tenth annual car show.  The Upsala Heritage Day got broken up into two events this year; we decided to have our car show on the first weekend in the Centra-Sota parking lot near the Upsala Historical Society’s event.  Even though car numbers were down slightly it was considered a success and the Historical Society enjoyed our presence.  Some of our show attendees had the opportunity to drive their car in front of the Historical Society crowd and be interviewed about their car and what makes it special.  This was enjoyed by both the car enthusiasts and historical people.  The Cruisers decided that any profits from the car show would go to the Upsala Ministerial Assn’s “Helping Hands Fund”.

In addition to chatting about horsepower the Community Cruisers are part of the outreach of Community Covenant Church into the community.   Community Cruisers provide an environment where people can get a little closer to Christ in a friendly and safe community of fellow enthusiasts.

Randy Pepin

Chair Community Cruisers