JOIN COMMUNITY CRUISER’S FOR THE FIRST CRUISE OF THE SUMMER!!! Cruise to the Verde Pepin car extravaganza near Staples on Saturday June 14! We will leave the parking lot at Community Covenant Church @ 9:30 a.m. Plan to grill for the noon meal at Verd’s so bring food and a grill and beverage. AND A FRIEND!!!


12 Cruisers drove  in for the April meeting

Randy opened  the meeting.

The secretary’s minutes approved as read.
Tony reported $762.11 in our account.

Dues are now payable for 2014 at $10 per family.

Ron Shodeen spoke about the car shows and cruises in Havasu, AZ where he winters.  We spoke about new vehicles we are working on.

Send one or two pics of one or two of your vehicles to Wanda via email.  Include information about the vehicle, too.  We will begin to post pics and a bit of info about each on our website and Facebook page.

We discussed tshirts.  There are just a few left.  Buy now.  Randy has them.


Geringhoff is open Monday – Friday during business hours only so it would be difficult to tour.  They will be having an  open house but again during business hours.

No report yet on Blanchard Dam or Rotomolding

Itasca Park entry fee is $3 per car if in a group of 10.  We could coordinate with Ken who is camping there one weekend.  Otherwise the fee is $5 per car.  We would need to leave very early to drive there and tour and get back.  This trip is on the back burner for now.

Muscle Car Mafia’s driving show will be a larger cruise on June 7.  They plan to gather about noon in St. Joe and drive to Farming, New Munich Long Prairie and back to St. Joe.  It is a multi club cruise.  If they do decide to charge it will go to charity.  If we go as a group they would like to know.  Anyone from our club can go.  They will probably leave from American Bar and Grill.

If we go to see the robotics dairy farm, it is best to go now in the summer when it is warm.  We could go on Saturday.

Verd Pepin’s collection of cars and tractors is stored in sheds. He knows the collection well and could tell a story for most of the vehicles too.  We will try to schedule this for a Saturday in June.

Dean and Jeanne Peterson will go on a mission trip to Jamaica to an  orphanage for boys.  They will take model kits for cars and will build a track when they get there.  The cost is $6 per car plus materials for a track and shipping.  He is looking for sponsors.  Any extra money will be used at the orphanage for a playground.    MSC to donate $100 to Dean for these expenses.


Sunday May 18 is the annual Willmar car show.

We still are waiting for drier weather to schedule the road clean-up.  Watch for an email.  That clean-up will be our next meeting.