Jamaica Mission Team

God has the details…God knows the plan!

17 years ago, a team went to Jamaica on a mission trip to Spring Village.

**  17 years ago, based on that trip,

Community Covenant Church began a ministry with Jamaica Christian Boys’ Home in Kingston.  A long-standing relationship developed in which we “Loved the Boys and Encouraged the Staff.”  47 of you have participated in these mission trips and the rest of you have been

supporting this ministry with finances and prayer.

** 17 years ago, based on that trip,

Groups from Little Falls began a ministry with Spring Village and Randy Finnikin, assisting with the community’s transformation goals.  At that time there was an empty field with 4 shipping containers

In the summer of 2017  JCBH closed and the playground that the boys built with the 2014 team was donated to Spring Village.  Some tools from the shop were donated to Spring Village.  An invitation was extended for us to partner with Spring Village.

Our winter 2018  visit to Kingston allowed us to have a special reunion with the boys and alumni of JCBH at Worthington Friends Church.

In the winter of  2018,  the team stayed at the ever changing and expanding Spring Village Vocational Training Center where programs are provided for adults to enrich their skills.  Opportunities were also available to share literacy skills in local preschools, provide J-team type activities after school and tutor school age children at the All Age School.

How does this relate to you?

God opened new doors in Kingston and Spring Village.  Please pray for what our new ministry will look like in 2019 and beyond. God took care of the details for February 2018.  He has a plan for the future.

How will you be a part of this ministry? 

Prayers for the future?  

     Financial support?

           Team member in the future?