Jamaica Mission Team


Jamaica Mission Team Review 2017

The boys were adjusted to the reality that they are moving and were able to talk freely about their fears but in turn, prayed sincerely during devotions, which focused on TRUSTING God with our worries. (See downstairs bulletin board to see where boys have moved.)

Many fun and productive activities.  One highlight… in our early years we made pizza as a special treat for the boys, in recent years they made the pizza with us and this year, Rolando (17 yr. old) took charge of making the pizza with other boys assisting.

We had time with some of the alumni, learned that some have gone from homeless joblessness to trained or currently training and into the work field, some have had promotions, and yet there are some that are still in challenging situations although they generally don’t complain.  (Downstairs bulletin board has some details)

Church donations were able to provide boys with backpacks for school, calculators (for older boys), hand towels, toothbrushes/paste, pens and pencils as they moved.

Our travels were safe with a 24 hour inconvenient delay (long story) going down, but God provided all we needed during that time, including a little extra rest before we hit the heat.

Overall it was a precious time with the boys and young men.  God provided for our needs, lifted us up and encouraged us.  What a mighty God He is!

Future Opportunities???   Are you Interested???

Plans are being made to partner with the Spring Village Training Center and Community in their transformation and growth program. Tentative dates are mid-February 2018.

Agenda: Pre-School to Elementary (grade 4) tutoring/assistance.- After School Programs- games and crafts for kids – Possible construction projects if there is a lead person available.  Dave will be teaching an economics class for young adults at the training center.  Questions? Talk to Dave or Linda Piasecki

Current donations being accepted: pencils, erasers, pencil sharpeners, children’s scissors, pocket folders,  colored pencils, decks of cards (Uno, regular cards, educational cards, matching games (concentration), toothbrushes and toothpaste (dental offices can often donate), used towels in good condition.